About Us

Our team have extensive experience in the general care of our patients and in specific areas of our services. Some of our veterinarians and nurses have been here for ten years or more so experience is guaranteed.

A Great Big Family

Our family of friendly nursing staff is always on hand to give advice, help with general pet care inquiries and of course, be there while your pet is in hospital, discussing your pet's care and keeping you up to date with your pet's progress. At NRVH, we pride ourselves in the relationships we’ve built with our clientele, some of whom have been coming to NRVH since its doors opened in 1976.

Sharing our experience and expertise with you and your pets is a priority and a privilege because we know this provides the best outcome for you and your pet. Your role in your pet's care with us is pivotal, and we understand how important that is to you.

Our Commitment to Affordable Veterinary Care

At North Richmond Vet Hospital, we believe every pet deserves quality care, regardless of economic constraints. That's why we've adopted a pricing policy that emphasises a low margin with high turnover. This approach allows us to extend our services to a broader range of clients, ensuring that more pets receive the necessary care.

Why Our Prices are Client-Friendly:

High Volume, Lower Costs: Our business thrives on serving many clients. This high volume allows us to keep our treatment and surgery costs significantly lower than many competitors without compromising our profitability or the quality of care we provide.

Efficient Care, Reduced Costs: We typically don't require pets to stay overnight unless absolutely necessary, significantly reducing the overall visit cost.

Accessible Post-Surgery Care: We understand the importance of post-surgery care. Our team is always ready to offer comprehensive care advice and is accessible via email or phone, enabling you to care for your pet at home after surgery.

Expertise in Complex Surgeries: Our highly experienced team ensures your furry friends are in the safest hands.

Supporting Rescue Groups: We proudly provide services to numerous rescue groups.

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